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Multiple Brain "Bloody Leak" Areas

Hunter has more than 10 Cerebral Cavernous Angiomas in his brain and brain stem.

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Uphill Climb?

Coping with cavernomas can seem impossible.

My Brief Introduction

I have had De Novo Cavernomas (Multiple Cerebral Cavernous Angiomas) since 2007.  My diseased brain has bled in multiple areas including the cerebellum, midbrain and brain stem that have caused numerous physical and mental challenges.

My bleeding brain has forced me to find a way to live with the uncertainty my inoperable brain bleeds bring.  The many bleeds I have encountered in the last 7 years have required me to find new ways to overcome cognitive and physical impediments.  I founded this company with the goal of bringing my coping strategies to others who go through times when hope seems lost.

The Difference of Hunter H Larson, LTD Products:

What makes Hunter H Larson, LTD. unique:

  • "Normal" training courses, especially self-help training, present information that is intended to help a person cope with pain but many times the trainer does not understand what pain the person is experiencing.
  • Hunter H Larson, LTD. training is built specifically out of my experience of cavernoma physical, mental and emotional pain -- I know this training works because it worked for me.
  • "Normal" training courses, especially self-help training, may make impossible promises that it can solve all of your problems and make your life perfect.
  • Hunter H Larson, LTD. training does not magically solve everything in your life (nothing does); however, the training you receive from Hunter H Larson, LTD. will give you mental tools that will help you cope with life stress and allow you to confront and fix mental stresses quickly.
  • "Normal" training courses, especially self-help training, can cost you a lot of time and money -- in tuition, traveling and length of program.
  • Hunter H Larson, LTD. training is based in providing products that are both easy to learn and easy to receive.  .

The question is not why would you want to my help, the question is why wouldn't you?

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