Blog #1: Hunter H Larson, LTD blog is coming…

Hi Everyone,

Having launched my first webinar series this January I’m really excited about the feedback and response.  Due to the support I’ve received from family and friends I was able to launch this business and release my first online training material.  Due to the responses from people in that training series in January I know what I’m doing is the right thing.  We all have obstacles in life, challenges that test our mental strength to deal with life changes that are difficult and scary.  In those times in my life I’ve looked for support; people in my life that I could lean on when things just became too much for me to handle alone.

I’ve gone through my share of challenges, but we all have.  However, through my trials and tribulations I’ve learned a thing or two about how to get through times of anxiety, depression and fear.  Now is the time I want to share what has worked for me with others that could use the support.

There will be more training and more blog posts in the future.  Please check back regularly to see the new information I’ll be releasing.



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